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It is said that good handwriting; neat and readable; shows your personality. It expresses the culture and civilization and all the characters of a person. Every 3rd school going child has problem with handwriting. Because handwriting is such a complex skill, there are many children who have difficulty mastering it. This may cause frustration and distress and affect a child’s desire to write.

Learnowaves Handwriting Program

fundamental learning

English Hndwriting Classes

science reasonong learning

Speed Writing

creation of curosity in learning

Caligraphy Writing

Benefits of Handwriting Program

fundamental learning

Improves Memory

science reasonong learning

Improves learning comprehansion

creation of curosity in learning

Enhance Foucs

creation of curosity in learning

Stimulate Brain and Help it develop

creation of curosity in learning

Increase Self-Confidence

creation of curosity in learning

Improves Mind and Hand Co-ordination

creation of curosity in learning

Overall Academic Achievement

Analyse Some Initial Questions !


All or most of the words written can’t be read out of context.


The handwriting is messy or poorly controlled.


The child is experiencing pain, strain or discomfort when writing.


She/he is pressing too hard or not hard enough, or pressure within one piece of writing is variable.


She/he writes very slowly, producing too little writing, or too fast, becoming inaccurate.


She/he is reluctant to write or gives up too easily.

Handwriting Course Synopsis

English Handwriting 30 Classes 5 Classes in a week
Writing Speed 15 Classes 3 Classes in a week
Caligraphy 15 Classes 3 Classes in a week
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