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Learnowaves is India's leading online tutoring website for class 1 to 12 students of American Curriculum, British Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, Cambridge Curriculum, Edexcel Curriculum, ICSE Board, IGCSE Board, IB Board, CBSE Board from all over world to connect with world class tutors. We are having world class experienced & Good knowledge tutors from all over world, who are well-versed in the subject-matter, teaching skills, and communication skills. They maintain our standards of quality for establishing example in online Live Education.

Maths is a foundational subject that all students need command of as they grow into adults. Math is something we use every day, and a strong proficiency is an excellent prerequisite to future successes. As maths classes focus on operations and algebraic thinking, operations in base 10, fractions, measurement and data, and geometry, the student will develop a strong foundation to promote academic success.

The math program at Learnowaves is a unique blend of online learning experiences and traditional live classroom teaching. The format allows students to engage with their teacher and fellow students from virtually anywhere – all that is required is a device with internet access. The pedagogical methods that support the curriculum are research-backed and proven to be successful. Our comprehensive program stands unique among other available platforms.

Learnowaves has well educated & experienced faculty from starting of the school to ending of the school. Our faculty has very good command over each & every topics of the subject very well. We have very divided our academic model in to four segments:

  • Academic Classes for Class I to V.
  • Academic Classes for Class VI to VIII.
  • Academic Classes for Class IX to X.
  • Academic Classes for Class XI to XII.
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Class I to V

Learnowaves has good faculties who can read the mind of primary classes students and can teach students by coming at their understanding level. These student are needed to take care a lot and should not give too much pressure. These level needs learning with playing & examples. Our faculties understand these points & experienced in such teaching methodology.

Our student at this level enjoy our classes and waits whole day for teaching hours so that they can learn with enjoying. Our tutors have a great patience & passion to teach students. They learn them discipline during study also and develop a rading habit among them. It is the base of student which is made strong at this levelby our tutors.

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Class VI to VIII

At this Level, We develop a reading capbilities in our students. This is the level where student develops their interest in their studies and infact this level decides student future study interest. We follow a mild strict approach with discipline & time management approach in our students at this level. Our faculties are experienced in it.

Our faculty make sure that all assignments given by the school is completed on time. We give home tasks to the students regarding the class we have taken. Befor moving to next topic, First We give a quick revision of previous topic so that students can get a better link for next topic. Our tutor teach in a systematic way where all the points regarding the topic is covered.

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Class IX to X

Learnowaves has a very good faculties for this level, since This level is future deciding level for students, so students & faculties have to work hard at this level and need to clear concept which is useful for upper level classes and college level. It is to say a concept building level for students.

We focus that each topic should be crystal clear in student's mind & they should have learnt them in same day.We focus on regular assignment, regular learning tasks, regular test sessions to prepare student for their board examinations. Since it is a level from where board level starts and to make clear all concepts becomes compulsory, because these concepts are used till college level, no matter whether the stream student choose after class X.

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Class XI to XII

We have very talented faculties for Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths students. This level is a concept building level which help you to crack your Engineering & Medical Examinations. For this cause Our faculty helps you to crystal clear your concepts and develop a solid base.

We assign BTech and MSc Faculties at this level, so that they can give students a deep knowledge of each & every topics. These faculties teachs student in a manner which helps them in competitive examinations like IIT, NEET, AIEEE etc. They makes concept clear in a way that a student can prepare for competitive examinations simultaneously. Our focus remains on scoring in board examinations as well as making concept clear for competitive exams.